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HotSOS Hotel Service Optimization System

Helping You Resolve Issues Before They Impact Your Guests

HotSOS gives us a clear picture of the top guest issues across our hotels. With HotSOS, we can make certain that our guests' experiences are exceptional.
Jeff Toscano
Corporate Director of Operations
Denihan Hospitality Group, New York, NY
  • HotSOS is helping  hotel staff be more productive around the world
  • HotSOS saved its customers $  yesterday with automated dispatching of orders
  • HotSOS saved its customers $  yesterday with its telephone interface
  • Users logged onto the HotSOS client  yesterday
  • HotSOS saved its customers $  yesterday by proactively allowing staff to report problems before guests noticed them!
  • HotSOS users created  service orders yesterday.

The HotSOS Workflow

Today's guests are more sophisticated, more discerning, and have more choices than ever for their lodging needs. It's no longer enough to provide a clean room and a complimentary newspaper. Smart hoteliers must also provide an experience.

Give Guests the Experience They Want

HotSOS is the ideal tool to help you deliver that experience. A clean room, hot water, and an on-time wake up call are essentials. But that's where the experience begins. Guests want to feel at home. They want to be recognized. They want you to anticipate their needs and react swiftly to their requests.

HotSOS Turns Information into Communication

With HotSOS's intelligent guest matching, profiling, and stay history features, information about your guests is always at your fingertips. Your team will anticipate guest needs and be more proactive because HotSOS's unique automation always gets them the right information, right when they need it.

Recognize Guests Everywhere, Every Time

Since it's enterprise-enabled, HotSOS allows you to improve the guest experience everywhere in your organization. Imagine knowing that a VIP is arriving and what kind of room he prefers, and also knowing what type of experience he has had with other hotels throughout your group. Talk about recognition!

Of course, HotSOS delivers the essentials by automating and tracking preventive maintenance, service orders, and guest requests. All of this, in an affordable, easy to use, Internet-based application. Don't just give your guests a room. Give them what they want. Give them an experience!


  • Multi-Lingual IVR
  • Multi-Lingual Dispatching And Screens
  • Guest Service Console
  • Guest Profile & Stay History
  • Automated, Intelligent Business Rules Dispatching
  • Automated Report Delivery
  • SAAS Model


  • Zero-Defect Guest Experience
  • Anticipate Maintenance Issues
  • Recognize Repeat Guests Across The Entire Enterprise
  • Wow! Guests By Antici-Pating Their Needs
  • Reduced Guest Call Waiting Times
  • Faster Response Times
  • Increased Accountability
  • Better Communication
  • Increased Asset Life
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Liability
  • Enterprise Wide Reporting
  • 8 Month ROI

HotSOS is Designed Around the Way a Hotel Works

The Guest Call Assistant screen gives staff a complete view of the guest while on the phone: including stay history, outstanding incidents and requests, and even guest preferences.

The Order Console allows everyone to view their department work the way it makes sense for them. Creating and updating service orders and running reports couldn't be any easier.

Screens are easy to use and intuitive, keeping training costs to a minimum.

HotSOS Gives You What You Need to Run Your Hotel Better

Easy to understand, graphical reports can be created on the fly or automatically generated so they appear in your email inbox each day.

With HotSOS, you'll always know where you stand with your VIPs; what your top guest incidents are costing you; and who your most valuable customers are.

HotSOS lets you keep your finger on the pulse of the operation and ensure that your guests get the experience they expect everytime.
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